The Sustek Advantage

When it comes to choosing an International Freight Forwarder, bigger isn't necessarily better. We are a small company offering our customers great value. For more than 56 years, we have built our reputation as a quality service provider by delivering our expertise through accessible, personalized service that consistently exceeds customer expectations. In addition, we can pass on to our customers the benefits of lower overheads and expenditures and better bottom-line results.

Everything we do at Sustek is focused on creating value for our clients. This is based on a holistic understanding of your business priorities, insightful knowledge of your shipping requirements and preferences, and on-target execution delivered through what we call our "exceptional P.S. Touch—Personal Service Touch".

Our customers have come to rely on our collaborative approach and problem-solving mindset of our client service team. We believe our approach brings you far greater value than an automated or standardized service. It is our heartfelt commitment to you, our client, to deliver your freight to the right place at the right time, anywhere in the globe, providing the necessary level of assistance whenever and wherever you need it.

Through our integrated approach we can leverage top-notch venders and facilitate the outcomes in your company's best interests. The Sustek team:

  • Truly understands your needs
  • Makes decisions based on your shipping preferences and requirements
  • Has the flexibility to offer discounts
  • Provides personalized, insightful service from point of origin to point of destination
  • Is familiar with the regulations that impact your business

There's never been a better time to consider the value in the P.S. Touch. You can benefit from efficient, quality service at the most competitive rates available. More importantly, you can rest assured knowing you've made a wise decision to put your freight in such good hands.



  • Renee Quaranta
  • Chief Executive Officer

As president with more than 20 years of service, Renee oversees all aspects of the day-to-day operations at Sustek.

After graduating from Drexel University in 1991, Renee began her career with the company. Learning the business from the ground up, she worked in each department, most recently as Air Freight Manager, before becoming president in 2012.

Renee aims to drive the company's growth through continuous diversification, with her primary goal remaining steadfast: Always being accessible to customers for any of their needs. She works hard everyday to uphold the integrity of the organization and maintain the long history of high standards that have made Sustek what it is today.

Thomas J. Wilson
  • Thomas J. Wilson
  • Sustek Vice President
  • Contract Negotiations

46 years ago Tom joined Sustek Company with a vision to deliver quality, reliable service on the foundation of customer-centered values. Since then, he has played a key role in building Sustek the successful international company it is today.

As president from 1979 – 2012, Tom developed our offerings and expanded our capabilities to meet the rapidly changing needs of the International Freight Forwarding marketplace. Bringing an extensive knowledge that is unsurpassed in the industry, he is an expert contract negotiator with ocean carriers. Our customers rely on his ability to manage complex logistics, challenging quotes and work out the fine print.

Throughout his long history with Sustek, Tom's dedication, core values and genuine commitment to providing exceptional service have remained steadfast.

Diane Storer-Price
  • Diane Storer-Price
  • Controller
  • Accounting Department

With Sustek for 24 years, Diane handles a range of responsibilities, Including: Payroll, Personnel, Medical Benefits, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and all internal accounting processes and procedures. At the heart of the company, Diane keeps everything running smoothly.

Maurice William
  • Maurice Williams
  • Vice President of Sales and Business Development
  • Sales Department

With over 10 years of international transportation sales experience, on both the steamship line and 3PL sector, Maurice brings his broad-based knowledge and perspective to our total transportation team. Maurice is responsible for new business development, as well as maintaining top tier service levels for our rapidly expanding current account base.

Working closely with the leadership team, Maurice monitors and reports on customer, market and competitor activities to insure Sustek remains the world-class international service provider that our customers have grown to love. Maurice's top priorities include ensuring a successful implementation of business and seamless transition of customer responsibility to the support staff, while creating mutually beneficial efficiencies that sustain our ever-changing industry demands, and our customers' transportation and value-added service requirements.

Mary Naklicki
  • Mary Naklicki
  • Air Freight Manager
  • Air Freight Department

For 13 years, Mary has handled all of the company's air shipments, including rating, routing and negotiating rates with air carriers. With a long history of service excellence, Mary specializes in providing premium service and premium care for our customers, executing her shipments quickly and efficiently to keep pace with the hectic Air Freight environment. Mary's customers appreciate that we're not other forwarders. One thing that will never change for Mary: her customers always come first.

Stan Kasper
  • Stan Kasper
  • Rate Analyst
  • Ocean Freight Department

With the company for seven years, Stan's expertise is auditing and analyzing with spot-on accuracy. He handles rate quotes, rate negotiation, contract management/maintenance, rate auditing, data analysis and data compilation. Stan also brings 40 years of industry experience with an ocean carrier that enables him to analyze rate offers, rate structures, competitors and oversize products offered for ocean transport.

Patricia A. Davenport
  • Patricia A. Davenport
  • Account Manager
  • Ocean Freight Department

With the company for 40 years, Pat handles customer service, billing and documentation for Sustek. She consistently develops strong, valuable relationships with her customers, going over and beyond what is expected. Handling a variety of complex, difficult shipments with ease, Pat follows a shipment from beginning to end. Our customers benefit from dealing with only one person and receiving personalized, individualized treatment that is second to none. There is no comparison to the level of service Pat provides.

Ed Salcedo
  • Ed Salcedo
  • Account Manager
  • Ocean Freight Department

With the company for 38 years, Ed's primary responsibility is serving our customers. Unlike big freight forwarders where the customer becomes a number, Ed provides a high level of person-to-person service from beginning to end of shipment. In addition, he handles a variety of required customs, billing and documentation details to ensure every shipment is a smooth and seamless transaction. Ed is a native of Ecuador and speaks Spanish fluently.

Joe Lynch
  • Joe Lynch
  • Account Manager
  • Ocean Freight Department

For 10 years, Joe has handled rate quotes, booking and moving freight, as well as working with truckers to negotiate rates for inland freight transportation for shippers. Unlike other freight forwarders where you are passed around from department to department for booking, quotes and documentation, Joe handles your file from the time of booking to the end. With 35 years of industry experience, Joe has a history of getting back to his clients in a timely manner with rate quotes and providing the help they need to comply with international shipping requirements.

Joseph A Centanni III
  • Joseph A Centanni III
  • Account Manager
  • Ocean Freight Department

With Sustek for one year, Joseph brings 40 years of international trade expertise, with 16 years as owner of an international freight forwarding company. In this capacity, Joe has served as export manager in Ocean and Air Freight. Together with export customers, he has delivered export seminars for the Department of Commerce in Philadelphia and Lancaster, PA with a focus on export documentation and U.S. customs formalities. Joe consistently provides export customers with timely bookings and quotations in the processing of their international orders.